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Please, I need help with a tube question


I ride an 05 FLHRC and have 10K miles on the rear tire, (D405 Dunlop MU85B-16). I purchased the exact same replacement tire and have it on hand.

Since I have laced wheels, and based on information here in this forun, I've decided to replace the tube and the rim band.

The problem is that I can only find "MU-90" tubes, and I cannot find a wheel band for a side mounted valve stem.

Will the "90" tube work with the "85" tire? Or, is there another brand of tube for the "85" not made by Dunlop?
Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I was under the impression that the "85" is a bit larger / wider than the "90" per se. I originally thought the same as you have posted, but it seemed, (based on my limited knowledge) that I would be "stretching" the smaller tube to a larger tire.