Please Drive Safe Daytona Fatalities

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    14th annual Oktoberfest at Daytona kicked up with a bang. Four people lost their lives at Daytona this week, which reminds us once again that you can never be too safe. A 70-year-old man wearing a helmet was killed when a car pulled out in front of him, his helmet was knocked off by the impact. A 44-year-old man was seen slumped over his handlebars prior to hitting a curb, an autopsy is pending. A 77-year-old man car while trying to pass a tractor-trailer was hit by a car. The worst accident was when a couple was walking across the highway after attending Saturday’s events and was killed when a 22 year old man was drag racing with his friends. The man was driving his bike with a suspended license and had received several citations in the past 6 months. Please DRIVE SAFE.
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    Oh my goodnes this is sad, that last one just really ticks me off a bit. Drag racing on supeneds? How stupid can you get. Guess he will be thinking of that the rest of his life now.
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    Wow, what a way to turn such a fun event into a tradegy. I wish that everyone would be more conscience of others and use common sense and help everyone stay safe. I know they call them accidents for a reason, but some are preventable. The horrible part is that the people that do stupid things usually aren't the ones who get hurt, they hurt the innocent. That is what pi**es me off the most.
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    Drag racing infuriates me, people that do that should have the BOOK thrown at them, hey why not just shoot inot a crowd or something, it is so unsafe it is ridiculous for someone to lose their life because of people that do this.
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    The sad thing is shooting into a crowd happens often too. It is unfair, crap like this should not happen but does because of stupidity. Those kids need to go away for a long time, what a horrific way to die.