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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Battersea, May 1, 2009.

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    I have just come across an American supplier of plastic pulley's, has anyone had experience of using them and give an opinion please?

    There url is

    I can't put a direct link as I have as yet not posted enough new threads, sorry.
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    Isn't that the plastic insert over the pulley?

    If the metal ones wear I would thing the plastic would wear a bit faster.

    Just took a look at them, I think I'll stick with the metal ones.
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    They are a poly overlay here is a paragraph of their description

    SuperMax poly pulleys have been on the market since the early 70's and as many of you know, they do not wear out! We offer these new overlays in black and a rainbow of popular colors. They run very quiet, so the "Squeal" and "chirping" noises emittted by metal pulleys is gone. These poly pulleys are not affected by sand or small debris. These pulleys should outlast the motorcycle, as long as the recommended tension and alignment are maintained. Many customers ask, "How far will your pulleys go?", and our answer is ... "We still don't really know!".

    Website SuperMax Belt Drives For Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
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    One of our club members contacted 'SuperMax' and was quoted $470 to repair a rear pulley plus $60-70 return shipping. As a new pulley from H-D is about £120 ($175) in the UK and lasts about 40k miles (5 years riding for the average biker over here) I don't think this is worth pursuing, thanks anyway.