Plasma Rod lights for rear turn lights.

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    I am thinking of installing Plasma Rod Lights on my Electra Classic and removing the oversized turn light bars.
    Has anyone have this type of setup or would recomend me installing turn light bars off a softtail? I just do not like the stock turn light bar.

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    Have not used or seen plasma turn signal is a website that has them...,%20PartName&ManufacturerID=1474

    I use the Adjures Beacon 2 red turn signal lights (Kuryakin LED bright tail light) and clear turn signal lights up front. And yes being they are Halogen, they are BRIGHT...I have had motorcylists comment that they like 'em and very easy to see day or night. Think Projector lamps here. $159.99 at JP Cycles, the replacement lamp/reflector is $13.99


    The Reds are 35W, the Ambers 25W and the Clears 50W...divide Watts/Volts and that is how many Amps draw...the Halogens draw similar energy to the stockers, but MUCH brighter. At night they are like "laser" beams! :s
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