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Discussion in 'South East' started by Eddy1, Jan 25, 2012.

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    heading down to north carolina tenn area in late april early may. maggie valley pigeon forge area. any suggestions on where to stay roaads to ride & things to do would be great. planning on going for a couple of weeks so in no big hurry. checked out maggie valley on the web & look like some pretty inexpensive places to stay & biker friendly. any replies would be appreciated. Thanx
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    In that area, ANY road is a good road. Look through the above links and decide where you want to be each day. Nice people everywhere. Prepare for rain and fog at any time in the mountains. Keep your tank 1/2 full, you may find yourself far from fuel. Slow down and enjoy the ride. I've seen turkeys, deer, bear and a Donkey near the road.
    Wheels thru time motorcycle museum in Maggie Valley is worth stopping at.
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    The 30 ride from Maggie valley to Sliding Rock on 276 is pretty decent, the water might be a bit cold but still fun.

    And it's a fantastic not to be missed 1.5 hour ride from Maggie Valley to Deal's Gap to ride the dragon.
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    I've stayed a couple times at the Best Western in Maggie Valley. Good rates, biker friendly, hot tub, and a sports bar with good food right next door. Lots of hotels and motels west of there in Cherokee including the Harrah's Casino, if that's your thing.

    Tail of the Dragon (Deal's Gap), Cherohala Skyway, 209 to Hot Springs, 28 from Deal's Gap to Franklin, and of course the Blue Ridge Parkway are all great rides!

    Be sure to post your itinerary under the Road Trips section when the time draws closer if you want to have some riding company during part of your trip.
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    Hey guys thanks for all the info. Will deffinetly check every thing out. just two beat up 63 year retired cement finishers. No big hurry & no big time limit. Is late april early may rainy time down there? I will take lap top & maybe hook up with someone down there. Planning on staying two to three weeks. Thanx again everyone.
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    As others have said all the roads down there are great rides. But US 219 thorugh West VA is also a great ride either going down or returning.

    Have a great time.
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    Tail of the Dragon is recomended. But don't be in a hurry. Mostly sport bikes. I did it years ago on a loaded down Ultra and the sport bikes were passing me like I was standing still. It was still a blast for me.
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    Check out Fontana Village it's close by to all the above attractions, Clingmans Dome ,Helen Ga. Little Switzerland Ga. - Or go to Deals Gap website and he has links to hotels in the area roads sights etc, I make at least 1 trip to that area every year. Never can get enough !