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    Hubby and I go on a vacation every year to celebrate our anniversary and it's a surprise for one or the other. This year is my turn to plan and I discovered that Bike Week in Glendale, CA lines up nicely with our annivrsary. I need help to figure out how best to get our bike (2006 Sportster) to Glendale, CA from Denver, CO. I'm thinking we could ride the 1,000 ish miles on the bike, but in Oct the weather in CO can be dicey. Our primary car is incapable of towing anything, so I'm thinking about renting a truck, shipping the bike, renting one there, buying a trailer... not sure where to go from here. Alternatively, is it really lame to rent a bie for a bike week? Cost is an issue, so any suggestions are great. We'll be buying a truck later for the bike so a trailer or rack for a truck would be a reasonable investment for us, but the most inexpensive (and safe for his baby!) way is probably best at this point. Thanks!
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    Glendale Bike Week is really California Bike Week and is in Ontario, Ca. The Glendale part is the "Love Ride" sponsored by Glendale Harley. It used to be a 1 day affair held in Castaic, Ca in November. A few years ago they joined with CBW for the last day. I have lived here my whole (63 years) life. I've been on the Love Ride twice. The second time just to prove how bad the first one was. The event itself was great, the ride was a little dicey. Figure 20,000 people partying all night long, no sleep, bands and a little fire water all jumping on their motorcycles at 8am and trying to ride next to Jay Leno and the other celebs for the 20 mile run to the event. Well, now it is 40 miles. Do you really want to ride in a crowd of 20,000 people you don't know???

    If you want to go to the event, look in the Ontario, Ca area for motels. Lots of people trailer their bikes long distances for these events, you see lots of trailers or trucks in the motel parking lots. Fly and Ride isn't a bad idea either. A Harley will cost about a hundred bucks a day, depending on what you rent. The cheapest way out would be to ride down, lots of really great scenery between Co. and Ca. B U T riding a Sportie 2 up in the rain, sleet, or God forbid SNOW just isn't fun!

    DON'T LET THE WANNABES GET YOU DOWN. You will get lots of "My bike ain't never been on a trailer", or the trailer queen junk. Ignore them, they probably don't have a bike anyway. I've been riding over 40 years, and my bikes have been trailered a lot.

    Ride safe, and enjoy!