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    just throwing a solid out there for my brothers. I'm seeing a pitbull lift for sale on cl for $150. I know nothing on the details or if still avail -

    motorcycle lift
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    Pit Bull heavy duty motorcycle lift. Rated up to 1300#. Commercial grade wheels, casters, everything. Paid over $400. Used on Honda Goldwing, but will work with others.

    I see that it was used for a Goldwing. Not sure if the 2 are compatible Did you check the Pittbull site ?


    I found this on the Pitbull site

    Will the Pitbull Lift work with all Bikes?

    The Pitbull Lift works on all Harley Davidson makes and models and 95% of Metric/Cruiser style bikes like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Custom built bikes. It will NOT work on sport bikes/crotch rockets because they do not have a frame to pick up from.

    Will the Pitbull Lift work on my GL1800?

    Yes, and it has even been rated #1 by Wing World Magazine (largest Goldwing publication). The Goldwing 1800 requires a 1/4 inch shim unless you have added an aftermarket or Tulsa Belly pan. The shim is free with the purchase of a lift. If you have added a belly pan, you do not need the shim. The shim that we have for our lift is simply a 1\4" shim placed on the front lifting rail .The bottom of the 1800 engine has a slight ridge running across it and if you lift the bike without the shim, the bike will rock slightly to the right until it makes contact with the exhaust manifold pipe. You can, without any problems, lift your bike without the shim but will have that slight side to side rock in the bike on top of the lift.
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