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  1. ridemywg

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    Thinking of going .10 over for the pistons on my 89 EVO. The mechanic that went over my motor and is suggesting to do a .10 over suggested using OEM pistons and I'm wandering whats the differnce/benefit from one manufactures piston to the next ?
  2. Bud White

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    all depends what ya wanna do with it .. if its mostly stock stick to the hd .. if you want to go wilder wiesco pistons are good they are as good as stock maybe better but in a stock engine usually not worth the extra cost
  3. Chopper

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    With a touring bike, personally I would stay with OEM stock compression pistons, more compression more heat and harder on the lower end. HD has quality engine parts, other manufactures do also but when you're flywheels were balanced at the factory it was with OEM pistons, if you go aftermarket the weight might be a little more or less? If you're OEM pistons lived 29 years in you're engine, that's not a bad track record.