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  1. karl1948

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    An old timer told me that they use to punch holes in their pipes to make them louder, does anyone know how this is done?
  2. Jack Klarich

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    That would make them bark and pop on decel and suck in air a lean thing

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    Personally I would not "swiss cheese" baffles and such to "lessen backpressure" in the hope of increasing power. You will not be successful, and have an ugly mess that will rust out in a short time. Go with aftermarket pipe/slipon/baffle setup based on hard performance data or your tuned ears for the that exhaust note you are looking for. If you drill, you cannot fix if you are not happy with the result. Don't do it...save your OEM pipes if local laws change requiring mandated SMOG or Noise inspections. Compliance would only be 10 minutes of wrenching...
  4. doc_63

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    I did the drilling thing on the Honda VTX1300 I had prior to my SG. With that particular model there is a procedure that actually worked pretty well but I definately would not try it if there arent documented results of the outcome.

    As stated above...I reccomend doing the whole Stage1 upgrade with the slip on mufflers of your choice. There's no substitute for this and the results are documented time and time again.

    I'm sold on it and you would be too. Why risk ruining your stock mufflers that you may need in the future?

    Good luck...:D
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    Re: louder pipes

    If you type exhaust modification in search line you will find alot of good information. Years ago they would use some type of piercing tool (drill,punch,broom handle etc) to knock out the baffles in the mufflers. It is not recommended on the newer bikes especially with E.P.A. closing in with noise restrictions. You want to consider aftermarket alternatives. Hope this helps.
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    Re: louder pipes

    i punched the baffels out of my old shovel. you could look through like a telescope didnt make it to much louder. but it doesnt sound like a sewing machine motor any more LOL
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    I used to remove and then punch out my baffles on my Shovel with a spud bar or take the baffles out & leave them out, then drill the pipes about 6 inches up from the tail pipe end, and run two bolts in a cross hairs manner inside the pipes so the police couldn't run their batons inside the pipes when they checked for straight pipes. Even on my shovel it required rejetting, plug type changes, etc.

    I would not recommend doing this on the newer EFI engines.