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    I have pretty much moved on from the possibly of my pipes leaking,cause I addressed the clamps by drilling them out for a tighter fit & siliconed the slip- ons where they attach to the header pipes. I will call Dobeck to confirm my pot settings but they are not open till Monday.If the stage one AN big sucker was leaking around the gasket would that cause it to pop? I was thinking that I could use some silicone there as well. Rain here idle hands. Any thoughts.
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    I personals do not bloke silicone where it could get sucked in to an intake or an oil passage, Popping most often is a lean condition If you do not have the settings for your tuner you may try a bit more fuel, better to have more than less un til you can get Dobeck info JMO
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    First, I am assuming you are having "firecracker" popping, not a general rumbling in the pipes. If the latter, that is probably normal for freer flowing exhaust and breather combinations.

    If you have ruled out an exhaust leak from the heads back to the tips of the slip ons by using some heavy gloves or hot pads to cover the back of the pipes and listen for leaks, then ruling out an intake leak is the next step to make sure you are not getting a super lean condition especially when you decellerate. You can use some WD40 or similar spray around the backside of the breather plate to see or listen for any impact on the engine speed if the spray is sucked into the engine.

    If no intake leak is present, then I would just add a bit more fuel on the fueler to see if that compensates.

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