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Pipe plug bottom of TC88 engine - what is this?


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There is a plug (I think it is just a pipe plug like on the side of the oil pan) on the bottom of the TC 88. What is above this? If I take this out, does anything fall out of the engine besides oil? Is this a good way to drain the residual oil out of the engine?

That's used in the machining of the oil return scavenging for the oil pump. Don't remove it unless you suspect a sumping problem to check for the amount of oil in the engine sump. There shouldn't be any more than a couple of ounces of oil in there if everything is working right.
Have read cautions that you could crack your case when removing it. It is REALLY in their.
I did remove mine when doing a crank replacement. Got about 4 oz. of oil out. Not worth the trouble....