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Hello all,
:40:Well, I chromed the front end and also added ghost lights (eight colors at varied speeds!) and the bike looks AWESOME!! I'm still having a problem with my pipes. I have had the baffles drilled, then taken out, had things re-tuned, had the idle changed and I am still dissatisfied with the sound of the pipes I have. They look great-Vanson Hines Big Radius-but there is a popping /ticking/chirping sound as I deccelarate that I don't like. Some mechanics in this area say it's the type of Vanson HInes pipe-that they all do that. This ,they say, is common to that type of pipe.Has anyone else noticed this problem? I,m going to take these off and put something else on. I'm looking for a deeper rumble.Suggestions?? Soft-tail Norma
Drilling/removing the baffles will give you a crummy sound, best bet is to find baffles that fit those pipes and give them a try short of changing the system.

Running the pipes as you are with no baffles is about as bad as it gets for performance. You need some back pressure in the system for the motor to run right.
Check out Big City Thunder. They make a baffle for the Big Radius. I love the sound. Sorry I can't post the link yet.