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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by joel, Aug 17, 2008.

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    I have a 08 ultra classic, everything good untill half way into last trip.At about 8,200 miles it began to ping under acceleration. Than it was pinging going up a pass. I filled up {5 1/2 gals 95 oct.} but it still pings. Went to the selling dealer and they did a reflash, OE cal was 32935-08C flashed to 32935-08E, pinging is almost completely gone but my fuel milage is down from 45 loaded to 35 with just me on it. Also I was concerned about detination so I used a boar scope to look at the piston tops. Found what seems to be a few spots of bronze areas and a somewhat rough surface arround the edges of the piston tops, The 0135 recall was done, with a new filter, the shell was not broken nor the retaining ears. There is some fuel splatter in the tank that can be seen when below 1/2. dealer is brushing me off, any advice would help, some thing wrong must be getting hidden from the extreem rich condition they flash it to, dealer did a fuel pressure test, wouldn't let me watch but said it did not leak down and was in specs.
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    Go to another dealer if possible. With mileage differences like that, they must have retarded the timing.
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    I agree, find another dealer. This one sounds like they are brushing you off. Maybe a call to the customer relations dept of the MOCO