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    Here's the sob story....I bought a 2008 Sportster 1200 and it doesn't look to me like the guy I bought it from took very good care of it cleaning wise. Hard water stains on the chrome around the bolts, water spots on the paint, forks and hand controls. I thought the rear rim was brushed aluminum or something till I hit it with some mag and aluminum cleaner and found out it was actually chrome.

    So I've been reading and I have the wrinkle black on my engine and got some chrome polish on it. I called the HD dealership near me and they don't sell Pig Spit. From what I've read this is one of the best products out there to clean up my mess.

    My problem is....where can I buy it? Dealership don't sell it, the guy at the parts / service counter has no ideas. I've found it on E-Bay but not sure I want to wait on the shipping.

    Anyone know of anyplace in Jacksonville, Wilmington, New Bern NC that sells this stuff? Or is there something else I can use that will clean my engine up just as good?
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    Don't know about your area but the S100 engine brightner will bring your engine back to black. Try some of the Jap bike dealers in your area for the complete line of S100 products.
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    I've also had v.g. results with S100 engine brightener. I sanded and polished my cylinder fins and got alum. polish on the black, S100 did a decent job getting it back to black.
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    I use the Pig Spit only to make the engine look like new but if yours is as bad as you say its going to take some work be for the pig spit will do you any good. I tryed it on a 1987 FXRS a few years ago and it did not do anything as far as getting rid of the hard water spots ect. Never found a cure all for a bike thats been let go. Search one of the older BMW boxer sites for some great ideas on what to use to bring the bike back. I ended up using mag wheel etch on the engine which was raw and it made it look like new. You must use a lot of care when doing heavy cleaning on metal. Good luck and hope it turns out the way you want.
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    Both of the above posts are true. You might want to think about removing your exhaust, forward linkage etc and masking off everything and repainting your engine. You need to do it right, first wash it, then go over all the areas to be painted with alcohol. The let it totally dry out and mask it off good. (including large newspaper up and around tank etc so overspray doesn't settle) It takes awhile to do a good mask job that won't leave you with surprises. (don't sand the original wrinkle, just rub with alcohol)

    I know guys that have used both the Harley wrinkle paint (fairly expensive) and the VHT wrinkle paint (about half the price or less) and had good results. I have personally seen these jobs and they came out excellent.

    I have also read and seen photos of guys that used the Home Depot Hi temp flat black Grill paint that came out looking good and another guy did his with truck bed liner. He said the stuff was so tuff when he wrecked his bike it broke part of the primary but did not even chip the bed liner coating.

    Again if you don't feel comfortable doing spray painting then this is prolly not for you. But something to think about if the cleaner doesn't give you the results you want. Additionally I have done small spots with the little HD pen engine paint touch up. But the areas have to be fairly small. If you go doing too much area with that stuff it makes that area look more new than the surrounding area.
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    I used to think think the Pig Spit was the best thing since sliced bread until I tried Ballistol. Commonly used on firearms it has many other uses, including preserving and waterproofing leather and too many other uses to mention. It was developed during WW I and has a very interesting history. Its nontoxic and is used to lubricate and clean food handling equipment - In WW I they used it as shaving lotion.

    I have used it on every part of my bike except the rotors and my bike has never looked so good. It is far better then S 100 & Pig Spit for the engine and better than Back to Black for the fairing.

    If you bike is in bad shape let it soak in for a while and work it in with a toothbrush. Those hard water stains will come out. I put a couple of ounces in my dishwasher that had hard water stains and ran it and the inside looks like new.


    You can get both Ballistol and Pig Spit on EBay.
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    Hmmm I will check that out. Always interested in the oldies but goodies. I found it in a search on Amazon also. Thanks for posting that.

    Amazon.com: Ballistol All-purpose Lubricant, Non-Aerosol, 16 oz: Sports Outdoors

    Actually S-100 EngineBrite is no longer available at my dealer. They still sell Pig Spit and they also sell what I suspect is in fact the old S-100 but they dropped the S-100 from the name and now call it Harley Engine brightner

    Harley-Davidson Engine Brightener | Genuine Motor Accessories | Harley-Davidson USA

    Works really good on black wrinkle engines. For light water spots and splattered polish spots I spray this stuff on a little heavy and use a toothbrush to clean on it a bit. Drys to a nice finish and makes the engine appear newer and restores the black color (by dissolving the spots).

    Also today my order of Ballistol (spoken of by another poster above) came in. I tried it and it is an excellent product. Seems to work about the same as the silicone based products but instead this is a light oil base. It is supposed to hold up to water very well. I used it on my V&Hs black heat shields and they look show room now. Is not greasy or wet afterwards. I just spray it on and wipe it across the surface. Looks nice. I also sprayed some down the top hollow hole of the front tubes to ward off any rust inside.
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    No, you are not the only one.
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    This should be the biggest problem we have here on the forum.

    "JAP" was used as an abbreviation for Japanese in this case and there is nothing wrong with that usage.