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Picking Up A Dropped Bike

Thank you. I like to help people that work on their own bike and need some help . Most don't realize that with the factory manual and a bit of help, there's a lot that they can do themselves.
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I was stopped and my left foot steped in a hole, the bike fell, a 600 to 700 lb touring bike, i was on a country road with no traffic, i had no choice but to try, i got under the handle bars and lifted hard, when it raisedafoot o got under it and lifted again, after a long40 seconds of lifting i got it back up straight, and i am 72 yrs old, on tip is lift with your legs, not your back, and stay off country roads unless you have a partner
Thought this was worth bumping for those that one day will need the helpful tip.
The wife and I went to Arches Nat Park in the summer of 15, pulled over to take a couple pictures. As I moved off the pavement onto the dirt with a slight drop off I did a big NO NO, used the front brake, down we went.
We were on our 13 limited, and after my nerves setteled I was able to pick the bike up as shown in the first video, it was alot of work but I did it by myself, loaded downand all. Moral of the story, when on dirt and almost to a complete stop, don't use the front brake.