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Photos of Jagg Oil Cooler Installation

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I had a previous thread going about a $40, slip over the oil filter, oil cooler. Further research has brought me to the website for an oil cooler made by Jagg. Sounds like a great product but it requires an adapter that goes where the stock oil filter goes and I just can't picture how the end product looks.

Anyone have any comments on this product? How about some close up photos of the product installed?

I used a jag filter adapter and went to the bone yard and scored a power steering cooler off of a 99 Ford Ranger for 5 bucks.I mounted the cooler down by the regulater.Since I deal with the bank of wife and don't have the unlimited Harley budget I had to make do with what I had.I warmed up the motor last winter and pull a trailer so I figured a cooler would'nt hurt.As far as temp difference i don't have a number,but the cooler itself is good a warm after a ride so it's doing something.Total cost was around $65.00 I'd post a pic but I'm pretty much computer stupid.Good Luck
I have the Jagg 10-row low mount cooler on my bike too. Easy install and works well...


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Yep, that's a gremlin bell, given to me by the sales manager at the dealership when I bought the bike. Have them on all our bikes!
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