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    Greetings Texas riders.
    I currently live outside of Sodom on the Potomac (D.C.), and am currently deployed to the Rockpile, but when I get home in early june, I am getting PCSed to Fort Hood, before heading back out to Ashkanistan for six months early next year. Got a few quick questions, havent been able to find solid answers, so I am hoping for some advice.
    1: My VA license and M designation transfer no problem, not worried about that. How strict are the safety inspectors? The VA inspection stations have never given me a problem with my exhaust (Full Sac true dual with Sceamin' Eagle off-road onlys), will the Texas people?
    2: Helmet law? I would always wear one, if only to keep the bugs and rocks from denting my skull, but do they require Snell or DOT stickers? Been drooling over the Hells Bells Customs helmets for a while.
    3: Any place you can recommend to board my bike while I am deployed? Sure i can leave it in VA while I am gone, but i will be in texas for about 4 months before I ship out again, and I would really hate to loose 18 months of total riding time, especially with all those roads out there, just waiting to be ridden.
    4: Any questions I SHOULD be asking, just not thought of yet?

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    I don't know all the answers to your questions, But if you are single the military would let you get a storage unit for your stuff (motorcycle) and reimburse you the cost of it while deployed. I am married so i couldn't do that with mine wile I was deployed, but my local HD dealer gave me a huge military discount for storage of the bike while I was gone. Im from minnesota so I don't know what Texas does. just thought I would try and help. Stay safe and Thanks!
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    Make sure you bring your bike to Texas. You are just a little NE of some the best hill country riding. The state requires DOT helmets unless your insurance has a 100K+ in medical coverage, you can allpy for an exempt sticker from the state for 5.00. As far as your inspection as long as your bike is safe is their main concern, I have the Big Radius pipes on my Streetglide and have no problems.
    The H-D shop in Temple Texas could probably answer most of you questions. Horney Toad H-D.