PCIII Sued, figures, just installed mine.

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    I looked but couldn't find a post on this. I hope I'm not redoing a thread.
    But this really, really concerns me.

    Dynojet Settles With CARB, Pays $1,000,000 Fine And Will Offer California-legal Power Commanders
    Jan 06, 2008, ┬ęCopyright 2008, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

    Copyright 2008, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

    From a press release issued by the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board (CARB):


    The Mobile Source Enforcement Section along with the Office of Legal Affairs has completed its investigation against Dynojet Research, Inc. located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dynojet was manufacturing an after market part called the "Power Commander" that would alter the air-fuel mixture and the timing on off and on road motor vehicles. By installing the Power Commander this would alter or modify the original design of the motor vehicle and would affect the emission control systems that were certified by the manufacture through ARB. As part of the settlement it was agreed between both parties that Dynojet would not violate the Health and Safety Code with respect to the installation, sale, offer for sale or advertising of any device in California intended for use with, or as part of, any required motor vehicle pollution control device or system which alters or modifies the original design or performance of any such motor vehicle pollution control device or system. Dynojet has now certified a California version of the Power Commander that is legal for sale and use on California motor vehicles. Dynojet also paid penalties in the amount of $1,000,000 to the California Air Pollution Control Fund as part of the settlement.

    My question is this, do you think after market exaust maufacutures will also start making quiter baffles and pipes to comply? If this can go down in CA, then I would think we (where ever you are) are going to hear about it in our state. I just did a Stage one with PCIII and Dyno. New KromeWerks slip-ons and they sound great. I would recommend anyone changing out their pipes, KEEP your stock ones. I feel for you Californian's. But like I said, it will probably hit all of us. I just hope if I have a problem with mine, DynoJet will back what they sell. My pipes do say, "For off road racing only". Oh, I also heard the Streaming Eagle is Dropping their After Market Exhausts. Any truth is this???
    Any comments.
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    Get involved, join and support a bikers rights organization, MRF, ABATE of if your state has a local one. Maine has the United Bikers of Maine that has been very successful in keeping our legislature "biker friendly". We were able to get our states helmet law repealed. MRF is another great organization working at the federal level. I support both, strongly.

    Remember, you may not get the government you want, but you will get the one you deserve. If you are not involved you get what someone else wants.
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    This is the beginning of a long hard uphill road IMO. There's going to be a lot of changes coming down the road now with the tighter restrictions and more fines and tickets handed out as a means of increasing revenue.
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    As different municipalities and states go broke their fines go up and enforcement becomes rampant. Just one example is Michigan ,for the last year they have had Motor Carrier Enforcement sitting just on The U.S. side of the border,hauling everyone they can off for inspection and even if you have one light out there is no warning it is a$115. fine
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    All you kentucky riders, check out your local KMA/KBA division chapters. We're fighting for bikers rights both locally and nationally.

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    Many of the aftermarket exhaust makers are offering quieter versions.