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PC III Installation Instructions


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You can find them here. Put your year an model in.
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Here's the page for the dealers with the tuning link equipment. Well worth the time and money.
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Here's the 07 RK pdf. installation as an example.

Here's a comparison that Hobbit posted in regards to the installation of the V&H fuelpac compared to the PC III
VH Fuel Pak vs Dyno Jet PCIII - Harley Davidson Community
Got a question for yah...What better In your opinion...I have come to respect it...a PC or a race tuner?:bigsmiley28:
The Race Tuner is better hands down and can do much more than the PC III. It's just a matter of who's doing the dyno tune and if they are good or not.There's many more points of adjustment with the race tuner than the PCIII

The PC III piggybacks the ECM and changes the signals whereas the RT reprograms the ECM completely.

The Race Tuner Kit offers 220 VE adjustment cells for
each cylinder along with an Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) adjustment table that has an
additional 120 cells for a total of 560 fuel adjustment cells. There are also 220
cells for each cylinder to compensate for spark timing, fuel enrichment cells for
cold start and cranking enrichment for easier starting. With these extra tables and
cell adjustments there are over 1000 adjustments that can be made.

The PC III unit with it's 126 fuel adjustment cells and 126
spark timing cells offer simplicity that cannot always compensate for all conditions with larger motors.
Well shoot that figures..I got a PC on my and had a good dyno guy set it up but dang lost lots of fuel mileage!...:17:
Lots of times they will use a canned map and just make small changes in it to call it a custom map so they can charge more.:57:

Best bet is to go to someone with a "tuning link" that computer designs a map for the PC III that simply will not get any better.

It's done with a series of dyno pulls and the computer analyzes each run. In the end the new map is downloaded for your exact bike using the info acquired on these runs and you get the best running motor that it can be with the PC III.

The dyno jet web page will have the locations for the tuning link equipment. It takes all the human error out of the equation.

Powercommander Tuning Centers
I do appreciate your comments and all the info...and am sittin here thinkin about that old say..about closin the barn door too sumthin like again Thanks...the PC and Dyno tune only coat about 600.00 bucks...:26: