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    I have had enough of being PC correct. Canada and the US are christian countries. We celebrate Christmas and Easter If you don't like it to bad, we don't have to celebrate your holidays.

    Seattle teacher renames Easter eggs ‘spring spheres’
    By Tori Floyd | Daily Brew – Sat, 16 Apr, 2011 1:19 PM EDTShareretweetEmailPrint
    School children across North America look forward to Easter eggs in April. Students at one Seattle school, however, may only be allowed to call them 'spring spheres.'

    Reports about a teacher at a Seattle-area elementary school have drawn the focus of several news outlets in the United States, Canada and the U.K. A teen who volunteered at the school says she was told she had to refer to Easter eggs as 'spring spheres' when she asked the teacher if she could bring them as a special treat for the class.

    "When I took them out of the bag, the teacher said, 'Oh look, spring spheres' and all the kids were like 'Wow, Easter eggs.' So they knew," the student said in an interview with MyNorthwest.com, the organization that originally broke the news.

    Fox News picked up the story, and seemed outraged at not just the political correctness, but at the teacher's poor grasp of geometry.

    When asked about the incident, Seattle Public Schools spokesperson Teresa Wippel said in a Seattle PI blog that she hadn't heard about it. She said that the school board had received plenty of angry emails about the change, prompting them to send out an announcement. The school board stated that they have a Religion and Religious Accommodation' policy which makes a point not to promote any "religious belief or non-belief."

    Whether or not the rumours of the 'spring spheres' are true, it does bring the debate about political correctness around the holidays back into the spotlight.

    (Photo credit: AFP)
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    i fully agree Kemo... some people just push the limit, just let the kids grow up.

    i remember a few years ago there was a big deal with the RCMP about the Sikhs who wanted to wear their traditional turban (in stead of the uniform hat) ok we are a multicultural country, once it went through all the courts he (turned out there was only one) won and was able to wear his turban. so after that the native Canadians got together and wanted to wear their traditional braided hair (they have been there the longest). and were told no!!
    sorry not right to me. i say let them wear their braided hair. maybe things have changed been a long time since i have been back

    not meant to be political
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    This thread can go political very easily, be careful with it and we can let it ride, but if it gets too political, we will have to pull it. :s Be careful with it.
  4. lorne

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    i understand..:newsmile07:
  5. SixPak

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    I also agree with Kemo. I am Not a politically correct person and think these people need a reality check. Easter is Easter. Christmas is Christmas etc. Been that way since waaay before I was born. They are Christian holidays. If some don't like it, too bad and don't celebrate it. JMHO
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    Does the Easter bunny and eggs have anything to do with religion besides the word Easter? I don't know but it sounds like "spring Shere's" might be a little too much. I could go on here but trying to be carefull.
  7. glider

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    Kemo for president! :D

    I'm with you there.
  8. hobo55

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    +1 Kemo, Happy Easter and Merry Christmas.

  9. Jack Klarich

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    It is sad when we forget about tradition and heritage JMO Kemo for President HMMM not bad vote # 1 and vote often:s
  10. geezer

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    How about Kemo for Prime Minister of Canada with our federal election going on now.