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Passing Lamps ON Wiith High Beam


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Here's a way of rewiring the passing lights to stay on when using the high beam.

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I noticed on my 01 heritage my acc power wire is orange & white. and I was wondering if I can tie my passing lamps in at any point on that wire. I also dont know what you are refuring to as tha acc. switch. could you clear this up for me? thanks.
The accessory switch is found on the baggers. It's the second switch that is left blank with nothing attached.
All you are doing with this modification is removing the feed from the low beam circuit and supplying 12V to the lamp switch at all times with key on.
Thanks for the tip,it will help on the dark nights when we do our mountain runs.Sometimes you don,t make it to your next destination as early as you think you will and it gets real dark up there.
Where would be the best place to do this mod? Under the switch nacell, headlight housing, under the fairing? Looks like the easiest would be in the headlight housing. Provided the same wires that run through the housing are the same on a FLHT as they are on a FLHR.
You should be able to pick up the same lead as in the bottom diagram above from the accessory connector circuit.
While cruising the web I found another way to do this mod. I did it today to my Ultra took half an hour. It is done under the fairing in this large wire bundle over the CB module. (just left of the bright red wire)


I cut the tape holding the plastic sheathing and removed it. Removed the plastic tape under the sheath. Located the blue and yellow wires in the bundle, on my bike they were side by side on the under side of the bundle. The yellow wire goes to the spot switch on the switch nacell, the blue wire provides power through the hi/lo switch on the handelbar. I cut the yellow wire and tapped it into the blue wire. (By-passed the hi/lo switch) I wrapped it all back up the way I found it. Unless you open the bundle again you cannot tell that anything has been done.


The spots can still be turned on or off with the spot switch on the nacell. And when on, are on regardless of the hi/lo beam switch position. With this method I did not have to tap into the accessory circuit at all.

Also if you are thinking of putting your Sirius antenna under the fairing as mine is. It works great, good reception with no problems.
For those that may not want to "cut", "splice" or "solder".... HD has just recently come out with a completely plug and play solution for $30. Less if you go to one of the discount online dealers like Lakeshore HD.

Just go online to the HD Parts and Accessories and search for part no. 69200441. :)
Hey Seahunt I bought Harley part # 69200441 for my 08 Ultra Classic, manual write up that came with jumper tells you not a lot. Have the outer fairing off & can't find a plug that the jumper fits, do I have the right part???