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Passing Lamp Aiming


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To re aim the passing lights you have to drop the directional markers with the removal of the two allen bolts in the top of their base facing upwards. A long "T" handle allen wrench works well here. Once you drop them , you'll find a 9/16 nut on the base of the driving light stem in there with the wire going through the center of the mount post. I cut a slot in a deep 9/16 socket so this wire can pass through the slot and you can get the socket on the nut properly (see pic below).

Loosen the nut just a bit and adjust the passing lamps to a more desirable position. I use the horizontal bars on the garage door to do this and aim them close (or a bit higher) to the low beam shining on the door.

It's best done at night so you can roll the bike onto the road to test their positioning before putting things back together.

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This one has an enlarged hole toward the bottom of the socket. It gives you the basic idea.
Thanks for the picture. I was looking at making something like this and I'm glad I'm on the right track.
Thanks! I've been running without them in the dark because they've needed some adjustment. Explanation was good! You guys just keep getting better and that's what makes this an outstanding forum! Thanks again!
I had the need for one of these so I made one from a Craftsman 9/16" deep socket. The slit cut is 1/8" wide and is almost 1" long. It has been a very handy tool. See picture attached.


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I'm having trouble keeping the assembly aligned as I get to the torque spec. Any tips or suggestions?:cry
:s This is where a helper with a second set of hands comes in:s

Yeah, I agree. But unfortunately, I always tend to do my work alone so I struggled a bit adjusting the driving lights. I actually made them tight enough to stay in place but with a little coaxing, I can readjust them when needed and they do stay in place. Probably not the best idea but it works for me. Some day I will get aimed precisely. I don't ride at night much so it isn't that critical.