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Passing ettiquite


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I live in NW Houston and decided to take a ride to the north to try out a country back road that had some hills and a bunch of curves.

Not knowing what was around the curve or over the hill, I was probably being extra careful. A couple of bikes came in behind me and I felt like I was holding them up although I was doing the speed limit with maybe +5 mph. There was no where to safely pull off and a lot of the road was marked as no passing. I was probably slowing down entering the curves since I did not know the road.

I have never been in a group ride or taken a group riding course so it may be that you just follow the bike in front of you. I guess I am more of a follower than a leader but it isn't like I planned this.

On occasion I have moved to the right side of the lane and waved a following bike to pass when the opposite lane had heavy traffic and the road was straight and level. Normally these are sport bikes not cruisers.

I may be worrying needlessly but I need all my concentration to ride safely and could tell I was being distracted by the following bikes.
Best bet when you have someone following you is to do just as you did, move to the right of the lane and wave them by. This seems to be more of a problem with the sport bikes when they are behind you.
You did the right thing,let them by if there in a hurry.It happens around here alot to.Just remember always look out for yourself,don't worry about what everyone else behind you is thinking it can take the fun out of a good ride.And most important BE SAFE!!!!! Happy trails Soby.
Just wave them on by, content in the knowledge that you'll be happily cruising long after they're dead at the bottom of the canyon.
It's called natural selection.