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    Installed a set of passenger footpegs on my Street Bob yesterday. This was a lot of fun.

    1. Remove debris deflector - easy, done
    2. Remove belt guard - forward screw hex striped out. Get an easy out, no good, buy a set of screw extractors, break size # 3, 4 and 5. Finally drill the head off the screw and remove the belt guard. I believe this screw was installed with red loctite, or had been welded. :33:
    3. Loosen rear axel, push wheel forward - Why, saw no reason to do this. More later on this subject.
    4. Remove bolts holding front mounting bracket for belt guard, as these are the holes for mounting the passenger footpeg bracket - Now realize why the wheel should be moved forward, you can then get enough slack in the belt to get your wrench on the bolts. Fight this and manage to get the bolts out without moving the wheel. :D
    5. Mount the new bracket with the supplied new bolts - This is a real challenge with the belt still in place. Manage to get it done with minimal cussing, Glider would have been proud of me. :bigsmiley24:
    6. Install the new footpeg on the new bracket - easy, except that if you use the torque specified in the directions, you strip out the screw hex. Oh well, don't plan on taking them off again. :lolrolling
    7. Reinstall the beltguard - easy, done
    8. Repeat on right side except for messing with the wheel and belt guard - easy, done
    9. Move wheel back and tension belt - Not necessary. In my infinite wisdom, I saved 10 minutes of work moving the wheel and spent 15 minutes fighting the belt. By my calculations, that was a losing process. :newsmile082:

    Moral of the story, follow the directions. :cheers
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    Nice job Jake and no language? I'm proud of you! :s

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    I knew we were in for a good story when the word "fun" is at the end of a sentence...:lolrolling

    Fortunately, putting mids on my Sporty was much easier...and since all it required was Glider's "short hex wrench" it was uneventful...but "--fun?...maybe because that was "all" I had to do, good job doing the deed without swearing. :newsmile04: :cheers