Passenger Backrest Mechanism Custom Cover

Discussion in 'Trikes' started by zoood, Feb 18, 2013.

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    On my first attempt I had made this metal enclosure to cover over the back mechanism for the passenger's back rest.



    Here's another view, Even though it came out pretty nice. It just didnt flow along with the rest of the trike's looks. So decided to change it out.


    This is a Harley horn cover that I removed the internal brackets and the horn. I glued rubber "U" channel to the covers edges that would butt against the passenger's backrest's vinyl covering. I had also drilled 3 holes in the surface. The two outside ones are for mounting the cover and the center one is for a cosmetic concho that I added the POW MIA emblem too. i found that during my Trike Build. If you reuse Harley parts instead of store bought aftermarket parts. Your build will blend together by complementing the originality of your build.


    As you can see,... the chrome horn cover flows along much better with the trike's theme. I had attached a POW MIA emblem onto a barbed wire concho and mounted that to the horn cover. Maybe less riders will ask if I put my horn back there. lol
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    :s Very nicely done:s