Parts at stealer taking long

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    I dropped off my bike on 03/08/11 for noise when starting (poss. compensator). 7 days later I called and they stated that it was the starter clutch. They stated the compensator was good (would not be replaced). I asked for the upgrade. Today is 04/8/11 and not all the parts have arrived yet. Does anyone know why dealerships are taking that long to get parts?

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    This is a long time. To long. I have a feeling it is the upgrade to the SE Compensator. When I did mine it was back ordered and might be again. Here in Southern Cal we have at least 10 Dealers within 60 miles in either direction from us in Burbank. Fortunately, I have a good dealer who will get in the computer and find which dealer has the part and I will go and get it. Now that the factory warranty is up, my indie company gets me the part #'s and have the dealer locate the parts in which I go and get. My SE compensator sprocket came from a Dealer in Northern Cal when back ordered. My dealer said they didn't want to cough it up but with some coaxing they did. Maybe talk to the dealer and see what part they're waiting on and see if they'll get it from another dealer.
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    Wonder how many parts on our bikes are sourced in Japan. A lot of delays have been created because of the earthquake, tsunami, and radiation. Just sayin.....:)
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    Since the MOCO has slowed production I would expect parts to be an issue JMO I waited 16 weeks for new sheet metal 2 years ago