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    Hey folks, I am new to the computers and new to the HD Talking. My name is Rick Panther, I live in east TN. I am in the process of buying a 07 Fat Boy. Unfortunately I have the bike and no manual. I have had a lot of rice burners over the years, but this is my first HD, that is the first 1 I bought that was running and not a basket case like I had in '83. Me and the ol' lady love to ride, and now that our 4 kids are all grown up, we figured we would start enjoying our time we have. I have been looking at a few of the posts here and I gotta say, some of you really go out of your way to help a hand out on this site. That is pretty darn cool, wish we had this stuff when I was way younger than I am now LOL. But thanks for the join and I hope to see some of you on the big road out there. Ride safe

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    Welcome to the forum.:cheers
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    Welcome to the forum from southeastern CT. If you need something out of the manual let me know.
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    Welcome to The Forum
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.