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painting my ultra


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anyone here know what it costs to repaint my 06 ultra classic. I can take all the tins off and ship them wherever, the bike is black now but scratched up a bit. I figured maybe I could get it painted a nice candy color which would keep the wife happy and me too. I know black is faster but I,m starting to slow down a bit. anyway any info I could get will be helpful, Thanks a lot.
There's all sorts of painting available only limited by your wallet. I would check into some of the custom paint that HD offers if you are so inclined in their paint shop section of the big book they put out.

A custom paint job can run big bucks depending on how fancy you want to get.

Here's some painters that will give you an idea of what's available.

Custom Paint for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle by Vivid Dragon Custom Paint Sets

Custom Motorcycle Painting and Airbrush by Attitude Custom Painting

Motorcycle Custom Painting, Aftermarket Parts Airbrushing by JE Illusions

Bad Ass Paint - custom airbrush paint motorcycles, designs, fabrication

Custom Motorcycle Paint, Flames, Realistic Flames by Jim Munroe

Custom Motorcycle Painting | Custom Painter

Custom Motorcycle Paint

Chicago Custom Motorcycle Painting

Custom Paint and Airbrushing of Motorcycles and Helmets by Kurt Carloni

And here's 95 more too:D

Motorcycle Customizing at Biker Sites
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:D:Dthanx for the reply glider, I checked some of the sites and figured out it would cost me about 2500.00 to paint an ultra. No flames or air brushing, just a nice factory like color. I can see where the skies the limit if you if you have buckets of money. I wish. Thanx also bluesman for your imput, nice work you do, that bike would sure look good in my garage or better yet, living room? rather look at that than t.v.
Do yourself a huge favor, and consult a local body shop for a quote.Most of these high end bike painting websites use them for there clearing and overalls.I am a bodyman of 20 years and do a little flamage on the side.If youre looking for a straight color, a body shop on a slow week will save you a ton.Generaly the are more up on current custom color options.We see the salesmen weekly.
I took all eleven of my ultra parts to a local body shop that has a great rep. One color paint with factory pattern pinstrips under the clear (you cannot feel the pinstrips at all) set me back $1000. Paint is awesome, not an original Harley color so I get a lot of complements
I do some custom paint jobs and can tell you what just pure paint and material costs can be for a bike. The last bike I painted, see picture, cost me $1600. I charged the customer $9500. My labor costs were based on $60 per hour.

Bluesman excellent work on the bike , but I have to ask as I dont understand.

Whats so special about $1600 worth of paint that makes it worth so much.
Your labour charges are reasonable , but 130 hrs of labour ??
Whats involved, if you dont mind giving us a quick break down ??