Painting inner fairing on a electra glide

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  1. Hey guys,
    I have been running around to different body shops in my area only to find out that getting my inner fairing painted is a very expensive thing! My least expensive bid is 300 dollars! So my question is how hard is it do to it myself?
    Has anyone out there painted there inner fairings themselves?
    what would I need to get it done? Do I need plastic adhesion chemical or some type of flex agent? Can the paint codes be cross refrenced to a different paint manufacturer?
    Any inputs would be greatly appreciated!
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    I painted my inner fairing on my 02 flhtc, and it really looks great compared to that flat black finish that comes from the factory. But if you haven't done any custom painting before, I'd leave it to the experts. My Harley is black, so I just went to an auto paint store and bought black. The materials alone cost around $100, so another $200 to let an expert paint it would be worth it in my opinion. Here's what I used; First a product called Bulldog Adhesion Promoter. It helps paint stick to the plastic. Then just a black base coat followed by a clear topcoat. All PPG brands. Naturally I had some orange peel in the finish, so I wet sanded with 1500 grit, then 2000 grit and buffed it out with a foam disc and 3M compound. It really turned out good for an amateur. But sanding and buffing around all those curves and nooks and crannys took some time. So there you go, that's all I can say about that.
  3. thanks for the reply dd1228, seems like it came out well! But you would still reccomend me to have a pro take care of it?
    must have really been a pain in the neck?
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    Is the $300 dollars with or without the labor to take it apart and put it back together? because it would be cheaper if you could do the labor yorself and have them paint it.

    Oh i forgot. my brother paints cars for a living and he said it would be really easy to do it yourself.
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  5. marcus22, That 300 dollar bid is for me to bring the plastic piece to the body shop and them just spray it, im doing all the labor of the removal and re installation! Get me some tips from you bro, I would def appreciate it!
  6. Webbtron

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    I've read a couple of posts on repainting the inside of a fairing. Does the UV light destroy the finish? Are they outside bikes, left in high temps at work or what exacly is the deal?

    I know the auto paint store I use has the ability to put anything you order in an aerosol can so if you don't need a lot of paint that option might prove useful. I do know plastic is a run ready to happen so all those undulations will be a challenge
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    H-D Paint codes are made by PPG & others. Go to the Search tab and type in paint codes year...and you will find thread and Self Help tip discussing this subject. Steve07 paint matched his inner fairing and did a contrasting stripe around the guages. Do a little research on the HDTimeline forum...plenty of good stuff here!:)
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    $300 ?? You should be able to find and better price than that, I took my faring apart and gave it to a local guy @ all it cost me was $150 with paint and clear
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    If you could find a used inner fairing for your bike for not much money, Ebay, etc, and have it painted, it makes it much easier having the newly painted one there when you take the other off. Plus, your bike would not be torn apart and waiting on the painter. Then you could sale yours on ebay to recover the cost.
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    What color is your ride?