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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by inunneley, Oct 5, 2010.

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    I have a wide glide that I'm looking to paint just a simple glossy black. Right now it has the original factory two-tone paint that I don't really like. I'd like to try it myself, but have very limited experience and equipment. Has anyone done this themselves, or found a good how-to tutorial online to do it?
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    The type of paint job you are looking for does not come easy. It requires Knowledge, Experience and the correct equipment. It will be cheaper in the long run if you select the color and take the pieces to a Pro. The two part clear coat catalyst paints are Very hazardous to handle, and are very expensive in small quantities. (I take it you were not going to use "rattle cans" to do the job)

    I can come up with a TON of reasons Not to attempt it yourself. I can't even come up with 1 good reason to do it yourself.
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    Hoople advice is very accurate. If you thought you did not like the paint job now....... My neighbor had to have a fender painted on his 2009 dodge truck. He carried in the new fender to be painted, he was floored when quoted $175.00 to paint and clear code. Told that with EPA and way paint needs applied, thats why it so expensive.
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    I am a motorcycle painter. If you are wanting to learn to start a business then I can help you. If you just want to paint your own bike and thats all then I agree with the posts above. Black is a fairly cheap paint with reducer about $50 for enough to do a bike and the primer and reducer is about $50 for enough to do a bike. But the clear comes in gallons and can run about $80. These prices are average depending on where and what brand you buy. The problem is the application of the materials. If it is not done right in 6 months to a year it will either dull up, crack or just fall off. After you paint it then comes the color sanding a buffing, which has it's own set of problems. This is something you learn by alot of practice on scrap stuff before you attempt to do your own. If you do try I suggest go to Kustom Shop they have videos on how to do it your self or goggle "How to paint a motorcycle" you will find alot of information.
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    u can paint in enamel or laquer just dont clear , for a hundred or so , worth a try over the winter laquer u sand it out and buff can be a good project , J/M/O who knows a new hobby
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    MMy 2 cents is that there really isn't a generic black. You need to pick your black from the variety of blacks there are.

    Also, good motorcycle paint jobs are not "Do it Yourself" projects, at least not cost effectively. You can do it and be proud of it, but not as a short term project. Lots of learning and equipment, sources and methods are needed.

    Rich P
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    I wouldnt do it,
    I did do it to an old 76 yamaha several years ago, but that was just to spruce it up, and sell cheap.

    I think you will end up making your bike look like a basket case if you dont have the experience
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    I agree that unless you have someone to guide you thru the process and you have the right equipment, painting your bike may not turn out the way you want it. I tried painting a full face helmet, figuring how hard can it be to get it smooth an shiny? Long sad story short, I finally took it to a pro and it was done in two days and looked like something I didn't mind being seen with.
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    HDDon and other are probably correct, given a long period of trial and error along with plenty of time, materials and labor...and still not have quality at your expected level. JMO