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    Getting ready to send the sheet metal to the painter. The tank is new and bare. This is for the woman's Sporty. I'm going to clean and coat the inside of the gas tank before I take it. The tank is bare, from Paughco. The inside I'm using the ole trusty Red-Kote. The question is this, just inside the tank in the space between the cap and the smaller hole actually going into the tank, what's the best way to seal that? Let the Red-Kote flow up into that area? There is light surface rust so I'd like to remove that and keep it from coming back. I've seen rust converter products but I'm wondering will they break down from coming in contact with the fuel?
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    The tanks I've seen have the red-kote everywhere over all surfaces inside the tank. As far as the existing rust film I would see what red-kote recommends that is compatible with their product. I do know red-kote has a lot of warnings that their product should be applied first and allowed a curing time before painting the exterior.
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    Thanks for the input. I've read their instructions, used it on another tank also, ad have tried to contact them. Yet to hear anything back from them. Anyone else have any input?
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    I used por 15 tank repair kit for doing the inside of the tank there were 3 different products to slosh about in the tank a cleaner then a metal prep solution and then the tank liner kit came with a small wedge of foam on a stick that could be used like a brush to line right up to the top of the filler neck
    That was some work out as each of the solutions need 1/2 hour of sloshing with a wash out with water after the first 2 solutions
    I had sore arms by the time I was done
    I have done 2 tanks for sportsters with this product and it seems to hold up very well


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