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  1. craigc

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    I need the paint code for a 2002 peace officer ultra clasic. The owners manuel says it is solid peace officer blue. I need the PPG code if possible.

    Please help.
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    There were two different blue models in 2002 I think, light blue and dark blue. The light blue was known as "cadet blue" and the dark was "night watch blue". Here is a link to
    Harley paint codes that show those colors but I don't know whose code it is, HD, PPG or
    someone else. But it might help you track down the right code.

    Harley Color Codes

    Here is a dealer who sell HD quarts and touchup paint and night watch blue is listed,
    might also help you track it down.

    Harley-Davidson | Parts and Accessories | Paint from Adventure Harley-Davidson
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    Pretty sure paint stores can scan your piece and mix paint to match, check it out.:s