Paid a visit to our local Dealership today

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    Hey folks. First post. I needed a transmission clutch release cable cover gasket. I'm changing the clutch cable location on my 89 FXR. I tell about that in the correct area. Anyway I was dreading going in, the dealer has a new counter person who is a bunch younger than I and thinks he knows all about all Harley Davidson's. How do I know this, my last visit for a Shovelhead item, he told me so. He also told me that they did not have the part number I had asked about for my Shovel. Mocking me bye the way. I can't recall the part right now. But I know it was in the area of the stator. So I asked him for the same part, but this time for a 86 Evo. And man did I get it then, He started fussing and cussing under his breath but loud enough for a salesmen who was walking by to hear him. This salesman has been a friend of mine for years. Well he steps in, tells the kid to straighten up and get my stuff and get me out of there.
    So today I look at the parts counter and the only person there is the manager. Outstanding, I walk up with the cover in hand tell him what I want. I buy two gaskets, you guys should see my parts inventory. And then had a really nice talk with the manager about his counter boy. He told me he's on the short list. Now that wasn't my intent at all when I brought up the past issue. I just felt a little coaching wold have worked and fixed the problem. I work very hard not to come across as a know it all. But I due prepare when ever I need to buy any type of part. I hate make multiple trips.
    I walked out with my new 2013 Harley Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories catalog. Does anybody else save there catalogs. I have everyone for every year they have sent them out or gave them out. Since the mid 80's something like that. Rambling done. Out to the garage. Ken
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    Welcome to the Forum. Lots of good info here.
    I'm with you, I always try to go in with all the parts info I need just to avoid multiple trips.

    Take care,
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    No matter what part numbers I go to the dealer with. The answer is the same, "we'll have to order that". I never go to my local dealer anymore, I just order it myself for a savings and have it delivered right to the door.
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    The dealer I worked at only stocked the current bikes fast moving parts. Most everything for a 10 year old bike that was not filters, brake pads or tires had to be ordered. Most guys on the parts and service counter are to young to even understand Harley's that are more than 10 years old. There in lies the problem........
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    Welcome to the forum from Colorado, nothing worse than a know it all who really needs to stop talking and start listening. I feel your pain about someone who thinks he has all the answers.
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    Welcome to The Forum, I try to plan ahead and call with part numbers to be sure they are in stock, I too hate wasting MY riding time with some of these guys, I figure if I get the parts wrong it is my own fault