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    I am going to take a road trip :D on the Cali coast this spring around mid-March if the weather will give me a window of oppertunity & I was seeing if anyone had any useful info or tips for the trip . I don,t have a time limit so some info on sight seeing tours that takes me away from the coast would be great , also looking for biker friendly places like taverens & hotels . I am also taking some camping gear just incase I find a great place to throw down a tent & sleeping bag but I am not going to camp every night .
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    If you are going up the coast there is the Hurst castle if that interst you. Stop in the town of Cambria (I think that is how you spell it) just a bit off the coast but a really cool little town. Try Moustache Petes for lunch.
    Oh yes, that little gas station up in the hills , stop there and fill up. You will know it when you finially see it.

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    The California coast is a long way as Hwy 1 in SoCal is referred to fondly as the PCH Pacific Coast Highway. Just outside of Malibu, where one of our newest member MzBling rides such as the infamous Rock Store, a sport bike/squid hangout (Jay Leno is seen there on occasion) at the very end of a technical/twisty recently paved top secret two "lane" road off the PCH. See Craig Lee's post #62 for pix :

    Or stay on the Hwy1 and stop at PCH's famous little seafood bike/surfer hangout nearby called Neptunes Seafood & Market', then there is also a Las Posas exit which leads 12 miles inland to Camarillo my area ride (10 miles from the coast as the sea gulls fly), Hwy 1 turns into Hwy 101 for a bit past Ventura, Santa Barbara, to Cambria (plenty of wineries (pinots and whites) where you can go west and pickup Hwy 1 again where Mattman is talking about going north past San Simeon (where Hearst Castle is).

    I am more familiar with the area further up past Monterey going towards the SF Bay Area where it is foggy and cold unless sun breaks through to warm things up, plenty of good food and brew there, as well as Ft Point (under the Golden Gate bridge), Muir Woods Redwoods Park, and of course the North Coast all the way up past Ft Ross and into WA State border. You got a lot to choose from...bring a good GPS or map.
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    Hey Mark,
    The above nailed it for Southern Cal. Let us know if you want to hook up. We're at the Rock Store and Neptune's Net every Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday afternoon. Ed and Vern (owners of the Rock Store) are like family and have stories up the Wazoo since they have owned it for 48 years. (Steve McQueen, Hell's Angels, Arnold, etc.)

    We could also continue down the coast to Santa Monica, Bartel's (Dealer in Marina Del Rey), Laguna Beach, San Diego, Heck... lets go to Mexico!