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    FLHT 2007

    I am new to HD. I have a Yamaha FJR which is really a great and fast sport tourer.
    The Electra Glide I just bot has its own merits but does not have the power or the acceleration, I am accustomed . I know they are different beasts.

    Is there any thing I can do to improve power on my EG ? I hear the phrases like Stage one, Power commander.

    To me Stage one means punching holes in the exhaust plate, a practice all Yamaha Road Star folks do to improve the sound.

    M Khan
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    M K

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    Frankly Stage 1 means letting your bike "breath"...after all the engine is basically a big air pump, that generates rear tire rotational horsepower to the ground. What this means is to replace or modify the intake (air cleaner - Harley or airbox as well - Metric ), richen fueling (Air/Fuel mixture closer to 12.5 to 1 or so) and the exhaust (muffler/slip-ons or entire pipe/headers). How you go about doing this incrementally or all at once is really the deal. Stage 2 and beyond means you are going into the engine and may affect durability or reliability of the bike overall, unless you follow "tried and true" lines. Most stay with Stage I for this reason. Your ride, you decide...:)
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    Just compare apple to apples... Your Harley will have much more torque than most Metrics. By performing a Stage 1 you will gain approx. 4-5 HP. I know this from experience because owning a big Metric cruiser that I had with a rebuilt engine that had a 1 over on the piston and a Stage 1. With the mods I could easily out run a Metric but could never catch a stock Harley..
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    You're not going to get the performance of a sport bike from your Harley and you're not suppose to. I've done the stage 1 and there is a difference. Sound is better and there is a slight increase in power. I do recommend doing it. It just makes the bike run better. You can spend an insane amount of money creating alot of horsepower if that's your thing. I rode my daughters Kawasaki Ninja 650 the other day. (EDIT) , that thing is fast and light. That bike has almost the horsepower of my Harley and half the weight and at 7000 rpms it lights the afterburners. I can't even imagine a Hayabusa. It's a lot of fun for fooling around but put me back in the saddle of the old man motorcycle on the long road. There's a reason why it's called a geezerglide.

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    ck into putting a S7S CAM KIT w/ adj. lifters in it. for about 2k. it really helped my '09 trike. to instantly have a-lot more power off the line.lb but it is a heavy bike. lb
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    This was intersting to me, so with a quick search on the internet, I found that Smitty901 posted this information about his 2007 that had a "stage 1" except that he was not "adding fuel". Just a better air intake and a free flow exhaust. I think the point of this post was to show that without "extra fuel" his motor was not running "too lean". But it does give some real world data on an engine with some miles on it. So to me this is representative:
    Note that a 2007 is listed at on a specs as delivering 92.6 ft/lbs of torque at 3500 rpm. The weight is 772 lbs wet.

    "Just put a 2007 TC96 with HD heavy breather and HD SE fatshotz pipes No fuel added and 51,000 on the engine.
    71.81 Max HP
    82.66 max torque
    Only time fuel was past 14.0:1 was below 2100 rpms
    It ranged from 14.0:1 to 13.0:1
    Copy of sheet if anyone wants to see it"

    Specs on the Yamaha FJR listed as:
    99.1 ft/lbs at 7000 rpm
    141 hp at 8000 rpm
    640 lbs wet.

    Even if you drop 20% from the torque and the HP values of the FJR, you are still 132 lbs heavier with the HD. 132lbs is pretty much riding 2 up. I don't think a stage one is going to come close to makeing the HD have the power the FJR has. If you go with converting to the 103 cu in motor and adding some new cams: you may get much closer, but that is some coin!
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    I am new to HD as well but test rode alot of bikes before setteling on my 2010 FXDC. I rode suzuki Vstrom 1000, BMW 850, Suzuki boulavard M109 and the FXDC. The other bikes seemed faster and lighter like someone else posted but that is not my thing. The 96CI motor from HD has amazing low end acceleration compared to the others mentioned but does "run out of steam" in the high end of the gearing compared to the others. Being that I don't plan to blister down the interstate or scream through curves on the bike I went with the FXDC because it will be the best fit for my riding style. IMO if you are trying to get lightning accelartion like a sport tourer out of en electra glide with a 96 CI motor you bought the wrong bike. I don't think even with thousands of dollars in that motor you'll ever get what you are wishing for.
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    There is an old saying if you want more inches STROKE IT, That is old school for making more power in an HD motor. That said keep in mind these are not high revving motors nor were they meant to be. You can spend tons of money to get little bang for your buck IMO and stroker motors tend to be noisey and put more force on the pistons from the longer stroke