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Over-sensitive clutch on Nightster?


I recently purchased a gently-used Nightster. The new clutch is promoted as "light and easy," "reduced effort," etc.

Mine has an ultra-short throw, though. It seems like there is only about a centimeter of play until full engagement, which makes it difficult to power-walk the bike, etc.

Is that normal?

Depending on which kit was used. The white brothers kit does in fact make the engagement a bit more sensitive but with the proper oil in there, it's no big deal. Clutch adjustment is a bit more critical with these units and you may find that a friction zone further away from the bars will be better for you.

You can do this by making the 1/2-1 turn when doing the adjustment closer to the 1 full turn.
Thanks for your help. I'm not sure I was making myself clear, though. Please bear with me because I'm a bit of a mechanical idiot, and I've only ridden metric bikes before.

It's not so much the location of the friction zone as the size of it. It seems very small. Can that be increased?

The location of the friction zone can be moved but the size as you say can't be adjusted.

What clutch mechanism do you have in it when you say "light and easy," "reduced effort,"

Is it the HD unit or after market or is it stock for the bike?

Take a look at the bottom link in this post. It would extend the clutch ramp arm and give you more friction zone because of the extended length of the pull. It would also lighten the pull too if you have the stock unit in the clutch now.

E Z Pull Clutch for Sportsters - Harley Davidson Community
Thanks. It's a stock clutch -- but it's new for 2007. One review said it was "light and easy, almost hair-trigger."

I'll take your advice and move it. I think that will help.

The twin has plenty of torque and you may not be used to it. My Nightster can take off in second gear when a small amount of throttle is applied. The clutch is sensitive only if adjusted incorrectly and it sounds as if you are saying that you have to pull the lever to bar. If so that is way too far.

Brother Bri:D