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    I need to get some "over the glasses" goggles because it''s killing me riding without a windshield with just my glasses on......I get all kinds of wind in my right eye, left is OK for some reason, that I''m riding 1/2 blind most of the time. Suggestions?

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    I know you can get Oakley prescription sunglasses that wrap around now, althoughtwhen I priced them they were upwards of 500 (check Oakley's site for eye doctors that can order them). Alternative is to do what I do and go for a 3/4 helmet with face shield. One of the main reasons I wear 3/4 and not the 1/2 helmet, besides general safety reasons.
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    I had a pair of Oakley Monster Dogs I loved, but needed prescription sunglasses as I was getting headaches riding with non-prescription sunglasses. I checked with a local eye glass store and asked them what I could do and they said that if I found a pair of regular sunglasses I liked, then to bring them in and they'd tell me whether they could fit prescription lenses. I showed them the Dogs and they said they could fit them. Instead of leaving the Dogs I had I bought a second pair and had them fitted. They're great, love'm, and it cost around $120-$140 to replace the lenses if my memory serves me (not always the case).

    The wife wasn't too happy with the extra money spent on the second pair of the same glasses when I could have just replaced the lenses in the original pair, but she now wears my original pair when on the bike as they're great in keeping any wind out of her eyes.
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    A larger pair of prescription glasses with the inverted V nose bridge.

    Unlike the standoff type nose mounts, they make full contact on your brow, nose, and upper cheek.

    They work pretty well when I flip up my face shield.

    Just had a new prescription made up, yesterday, after 4 years had gone by since my last visit to Costco.