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  1. underground

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    Hi, I am newbie to this forums but I try to read the topic as much as I can to prevent asking the old question, for now I can find the answer to my doubt.

    is there any maintenance service place, I need no dealership. Please kindly advice. thanks so much.
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  2. jonny oz

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    you'll have to look around your area for independent bike shops - they will provided all services.
    if you are mechanically inclined, buy the service manual for your model year and perform the service yourself. regular maintenance is easy, and saves you lots of cash. just keep your receipts for the stuff you buy (oil, filters etc.) and your warranty will be fine.
  3. easyglider

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    I don't outsource much maintenance but the really involved stuff or something I don't have tools for .I will buy the special tools if I might need them again.I outsourced having the base gaskets replaced but changed the fork seals ,clutch plates and wheel bearings my self not to mention taking the wheels off to have tires replaced and I have been looking into a tire changer and balancer so I can do that too.If you're mechanically inclined buy a factory manual and it is a pretty good manual for this kind of stuff.