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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Mavagrand, Mar 30, 2009.

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    Whats the best way to temporarily store your bike outside? Just got married and have no carport or garage. Bike will have to sit outside w/the other vehicles. Don't wanna buy one of those "bubbles" as I am saving up to buy a 12x24 shed for scoot and tools, so wanna save the 500 - 600 for the shed. I am currently covering my bike with a cotton sheet and then with a bike cover bought from wal-mart. Bike is sitting directly on the ground, but I do have a 4x8 wood platform that I can park it on. Anyone have any better ideas to temporarily store bike outside? Would it be beneficial to store bike on the wooden platform for the couple of mos it will take to save up for a proper garage? appreciate responses. thanx.
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    I built a 6x10 "deck" from plywood and pressure treated 2x4, and then mounted one of those 6x10 canopy tents on it.

    It survived last winter in NH with flying colors. Still in great shape. Kept the bike and a snowthrower in it.

    The canopy tent cost me $250, and the deck cost me another $50 or so.

    See if you can find a 4x8 canopy tent and drop it onto the deck. Level it with patio blocks, and you'll have a workable all-weather storage location.
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    If you are trying to get buy on a real shoestring then what you are doing is probably as good as it gets, but I would suggest spraying a generous layer of ACF on the bike - I did and I am very impressed with it, works a treat.

    Alternatively, if you want to spend a bit, this is what I bought. I am delighted with it, and I am sure you will get good money back on ebay once you are done with it

    BikeBarn, Motorcycle Covers, Motorcycle Shelter, and Enclosed Motorcycle Covers
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    Test your marriage bike goes in kitchen:bigsmiley12:. No really um Lowes just had a sale on those plastic sheds i picked one up for 250.00 it was 9x6 it was the display talkem down 100.
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    First I hope you got a pre-nump so she cant get your bike lol.Second its a no brainer, you need a shed.Thats a big investment to leave in the rain.