Our Harley-Davidson Experience

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Sledboy434, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Sledboy434

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    I am quite certain that the majority of people here, have owned several Harleys in the past. However, I just wanted to take a minute and relate our experience of The Harley-Davidson Experience so far.
    For the most part, we have been greeted warmly at dealerships wherever we travel. Other bikers have been friendly and the bike--My GOD, why didn't I switch the Harley-Davidson a long time ago? I love the fact that my Limited sounds like a motorcycle, yet is super comfy for long days in the saddle. In my 32nd year of riding cycles, it is like being new to the whole experience again. But in Spades!! As I did most times when riding my last Venture, I tell my wife so many times, that I just love riding this cycle. Today, I just rode it two miles to get gas for tomorrow's jaunt. Man, it was hard to park it after that short distance. I just want to ride it 200- or so miles, every time I get on it. My wife and I love the Harley Davidson Ultra Limited. Within the next week or two, I have to run to Rapids City to pick up my new American Legend Trailer and then another trip to North Central Ohio with the trailer in tow, for my wife's family reunion. So, I hope to achieve 6,000 miles this Summer. Never in my wildest dream did I think that would happen this year.
    Just had to put my feelings into words. I just hope this experience never changes for us.
  2. dbmg

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    Congrats on the new steed. From my point of view its the heart and soul of a Harley that makes the experience so unique. Its quite amazing how comfortable these Electra Glides are which is why you never want to stop riding.....
  3. T wrecks

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    Good on you Sledboy434, that's what life's about, enjoy it while you can!!! It's the same for we softail folk as it is for you EG riders.......pure joy!!!!!:D
  4. Eagle Rider

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    This is something that I enjoy wholeheartedly. Anytime we go riding we stop in a dealer along the way and are always treated as though we are family.
    Always nice...always a cup of coffee or water. :s
  5. bcortani

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    +1. Just got back from a 30 minute ride to get the wind in my and Linda's hair to blow off work stress. We just wanted to keep riding. My 19 year old would have been a bit mad if we did that as we left the 2 year old with him...lol We head to Ocean Shores Friday night, only 2 hrs away but at least it is a ride...:bigsmiley11:
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    Enjoy mines the Road King, I just got back from a 4000 mile trip trouble free, the bike held up great.
  7. Iceman24

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    Congrats & welcome to "HD fever" - it's catchy. Nice hearing a story of passion & sheer enjoyment w/ownership. We all know there are plenty of posts complaining about poor quality, bad design, heat, etc...which is all in the eyes of the owner. Personally - I'm w/Sledboy...can't wait for more saddletime. :D
  8. FLHTrider08

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    I too love my first Harley (2008 Electra Glide Standard). Its everything I dreamed of and I definitely wish I had bought it sooner! The Harley "family" are a great group of people. I reached the 10,000km mark for the season this week. I only did 5,000km last year. I hope to get in another 3-5000km more before the snow flies.
  9. JTs Dad

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    Thanks Sledboy that pretty much sums up my experience for the last few weeks with my new scoot as well...Why did I wait so long...
  10. Dr. Dolittle

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    Great posts here.

    My wife laughs but I'm dead serious - I call it my "Two Wheel Therapy" any time I go for a ride!