Our allies: ANZAC Day

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    Some may not know that April 25 is ANZAC Day (Australia New Zealand Army Corps), similar to our Memorial & Veterans Days. They've stood with America in battles through the ages, and what American Vietnam veterans experienced in "conflict", and at home, so did the Aussie & Kiwi vets--over 400 paid the ultimate price. Their MIA have been accounted for.

    Never Forget
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    Thanks for the heads up, I did not know.
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    Both countries have small but well trained forces I was with anzuk whilst stationed in Singapore although the Australian forces had pulled out by the time I got there I did share a beer with the kiwi's on many occasions
    My regiment had an exchange programme with the Australian army and at times we would have a visitor from down under for a 6 month period
    My last post was with the armoured corps school I was the senior warrant officer at the infantry wing the RSM designate for the Australian armoured corps school would be posted to the British armoured corps school prior to taking up his position with the Australian School once again beer was involved on more than one occasion
    So my thanks for the camaraderie of the ANZAC forces from an old Scottish soldier

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    Thanks to all that are and have served.....;)