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  1. Redfish-Joe

    Redfish-Joe Senior Member

    What else do you use your bike for other than just riding.

    I'll hook up the trailer and go get groceries or anything I don't need the Jeep for. Hauled my mig welder to a friends to do a little job, Loaded the trailer with aluminum and went to the recycle place...talk about getting some looks:D
  2. Randall K. Wilson

    Randall K. Wilson Junior Member

    For me just riding... don't have a trailer etc. Now my fantail endcaps on my HD touring mufflers are big and shiny enough to use as a mirror if I was shaving out on a camping trip. ( I'd have to sit on the ground though:))

    Now picture this, years ago our local HD dealer rode a Sportster to work EVERYDAY for 19 years (Indianapolis, IN). He only rode five miles each way. When the snow fell he had an old 1930 HD sidecar which he would attach to the Sportster. This gent had fabricated some sort of quick disconnect or I guess you could say the sidecar was "detachable".

    One day on his way home from work he realized he needed some coal for a small space heater in the modest home that he lived in at the time. He went by a coal yard and had the company fill the sidecar with lump stove coal, and motored on home with his load of coal. Yes in essence his HD was used as a truck!

    He wasn't concerned with getting the inside of the sidecar dirty because his wife would not ride in it. It made her claustrophobic to ride in a sidecar. She felt ok riding behind her hubby though. I found his shared story facinating. This gents father started working for HD in Milwaukee in 1922, Hence he has many HD stories to share and I love hearing them.
  3. oldhippie

    oldhippie Senior Member

    Sometimes I use my bike just to lighten up my wallet or to give my credit card a workout. It seems to be doing a good job of both.
  4. redcobrasc

    redcobrasc Member

    I cross the border to Mex and get Smokes and Rum at the duty free.
  5. 03classic

    03classic Junior Member

    I use mine as a strereo in my garage when I want to crank up some tunes.
  6. pops55

    pops55 Active Member

    I use mine to go to work so I can make the payments and buy accessories. :D
  7. RetiredJake

    RetiredJake Junior Member

    Anything and everything I can. If the wife goes, its the car or truck, otherwise, I'm on the bike.
  8. Drew

    Drew Active Member

    now that I have a bagger... I can go get groceries, dinner, throw my workout clothes in there, lots of options. While I think there are a lot of beautiful harleys out there, the bags really add a level of practicality to the bike that allows me to ride more. Going forward, I find it hard to believe that I will have a bike that does not have bags and a windshield (which for me, makes highway riding SO much better than sans windshield).

    This doesn't even get into how nicely the Touring models ride, which is another reason I will probably not deviate :)

    ride safe

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    I'm with Hobbit and Drew, try to use the bike as my primary transportation, but unlike RKW's story have not figured out how to use my Sporty as a truck.:small3d015:

    But for now my four wheeled pickup is just the ticket for that...funny how when you own a truck, how often friends and family need it...oh-oh got to to my public service and haul a sofa bed! :D
  10. Fourdogs

    Fourdogs Junior Member

    Well for me ...I used to hate to run to the store for the wife just to pick up lil items..not anymore since i got the Bike...besides ride ...its truly brought us together ..we've never spent so much (close time ) as we do now....so its also kinda like a Marriage Counselor ...but I also go play golf...now talk about turning heads...lol Ya gotta lov tha Harley! jpg.gif goin golfin.JPG (284.3 KB)

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