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  1. Bosbury1

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    Will be in Orlando, Florida February 12, 2009 - February 15, 2009 need to know of some things to do? They have 4 Harley dealers in the greater Orlando area which one should I go to? What about bike night? Oh yes and the food.
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Need more info. On a bike or in the car? Solo? Wife? Kids?
  3. Bosbury1

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    With lady friend no kids, and no bike. Just a weekend getaway.
  4. Redfish-Joe

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    If you have never seen it you have to try Medeival Times. A dinner show with jousting and sword fights. Spend a few dollars more to get the seating close along the arena wall. Here is a link if you want to check it out.

    MEDIEVALTIMES.COM: The Official Medieval Times Website
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    Go over to the Peabody Hotel on International Drive and have a glass of wine or a drink and watch the ducks walk through the lobby. They do it everyday and it's fun to see. Only cost is what you spend on your drinks or you do not even have to do that.(might want to call ahead and get the schedule first) The Harley dealer straight up I-4 from there on the left hand side has a lot of inventory of bikes and stuff. It is only a few exits up from International drive right off of I-4. Lots of things to do in Orlando besides Disney World.... HAVE FUN
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    Orlando Harley has bike night on the Friday you are in town. Here is the link.

    Orlando Harley-Davidson®

    Not sure if you are heading up to Daytona for the races or not, but if you do, Seminole Harley is just off I-4.

    Seminole Harley-Davidson - Buell - A Central Florida Motorcycle Dealer

    I live in Volusia County so not sure about food places in the tourist area, but a few I've eaten at and enjoyed...

    The Kitchen at Hard Rock Hotel has good food.

    Hard Rock Cafe Orlando at Universal Orlando Resort

    I've heard Texas de Brazil has good food if you like meat.

    Texas de Brazil

    If you are driving through Volusia County on I-4, swing by Swamp House.. 2 miles from my house and is fun and great view of the river.

    Swamp House River Front Grill Happy Snappy Tiki Bar

    If you like seafood, this was just rated very high on thelist, but might be some $$$.

    Orlando Restaurants | Seafood Restaurant Orlando - The Oceanaire

    I hope this helps... I've got more places in Volusia County, so let us know if you are heading up to the races and I'll provide more links.

    Have fun while you are down here. If you get sunshine and 70's, you'll be wishin you had your bike :)
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    Very cool looks like I got lots of options. Thanks