Origin of Screamin Eagle...?

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    I know the 2000 FXR4 was one of the first CVO bikes, but did Vance and Hines or the company coin the term "screamin eagle"
    and while I'm here what, if any, mods were made to the FXR4 Evo engine to qualify it as a performance motorcycle ?
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    1999 was the first CVO FXR model. Most all of the early on CVO bikes were just a model with extra fancy chrome and the engines were the same as the rest of the line. The price tag usually reflected an additional $10K over the rest of the line for the add ons. Unfortunately the resale of the CVO bikes did not reflect the additional cost of the purchase new.

    The SE bikes came later on in different models.

    CVO History | Harley-Davidson USA
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    I'm read somewhere (awhile back) that was the year 2000. And it was a FLTRSEI Screamin' EagleĀ® Road Glide.

    The program expanded and 2002 brought the FXDWG3 and the first-ever FLHRSEI Screamin' Eagle Road KingĀ®.

    Of course when I think about the term, the original Screaming Eagle was the 101st Airborne Division that served in Nam in some of the areas I was in. They had a screaming Eagle patch that looked just like the emblem.
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    Screaming Eagle is a H D copyright protected name of The MOCO, They have been making high performance parts for your Harley for years. Seems to me Vance and Hines has had a contract to make some of the exhaust, but the high performance parts have been around for years:s
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    S/E started as performance parts for HD around 1988 or 89 I think. I have some S/E parts on my 1989 FLHTCU I bought in 1990.
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    A little trivia: HD do not have the rights to the name Screamin(g) Eagle in Canada. A leather shop in Montreal does, hence they cannot advertise/market as such up here (as related to me by the dealer).
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    Bought a Screaming Eagle carb for my 1984 fxr in 1985. It was a 40mm Kehnin buterfly carb. Ran it untill 2010 when I changed the cam to make it a torque motor instead of a 6,000 rpm screamer. This carb doesn't perform well on a stock motor.