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Optimum tire pressure


Hi all,

What would be the optimum tire pressure for a single rider on a 2006 XL1200C? I've searched the owners manual and every where else I can think of and all I find is, "Do not inflate to more than pressure shown on sidewall". I'm sure those pressures are higher than optimum for a single rider with no luggage. Thanks for any assistance.

It's in the owners manual (in one of the specification charts not the section about tires where anybody would expect it to be).

On my '94 the tire pressures are on a sticker at the triple-tree along with other important information. Also in my owners manual.
Run abou 2 pounds less than max shown on your tires. Handling will be better and you'll get more life out of your tires.
Thanks for the tip DynaMike, I had never thought of running my tires a little under pressure to keep them from wearing so fast, that is a great tip that I am sure lots of posters will appreciate.