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    My 07 now has over 140,000 on it, but is still trustworthy and comfortable. All upgrades have been done by me. All warranty work by HD. Extended warranty will end soon. Then I am on my own. I'm not a bad wrench so I'm not worried about breakdowns or rebuilds, but I also know that if I want to deal it I should do it now. While it still has extended a dealer can check it out and repair anything that is wrong. Give me the best value for the bike and basically sell it as refurbished with dealer warranty. After that it is just another used high mileage bike. The new ones have a lot of upgrades however my bike is my bike. I have a few other bikes in the garage but this is the one I always ride. So do I deal it or keep it? Please provide your reasoning for each
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    Real tough question and I don't think there is a right or wrong answer. When I traded my '94 FLSTC and '05 RG I got a great bike with the '15 RGS. It has all the new bells and whistles and I am enjoying the new ride. All that being said and I know I can only ride one at a time I still wonder.
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    is it a 5 speed? That would be one reason,new frame in 08,lots of different upgrades since 07.If they only want to give a couple grand for it,it may be worth more than that to you to just keep around.I'll bet you still get around 5-7 grand for it.
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    None of my bikes had the high miles yours does when I replaced them. I just thought it, for me was time. You have alott of memories with this bike and being your not having problems with it may make one wonder, dang it has 140,000 miles on it now. It could blow any day, do I make one more road trip or cruise down to the local dealer and get a feel for what a trade on a new one could be?
    I would do both. Might be interesting to find out what they would offer.
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    As I get comfortable with stuff I prefer to keep it as long as possible I got my softail in 2007 and have adapted and fiddled with it so that it suits me I cant see me ever wanting to replace it
    Would it be worth getting the engine remanufactured or replaced to give you more years where you feel comfortable

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    IS it actually worth anything? Obviously to you it has personal meaning; but as a trade-in does it have any REAL monetary value? Is it worth more to you than to get a couple or a few thousand dollars. Against a newHarley?

    MY opinion and MY course would be to keep it.You know what you've put into it and how it's been as a ride.
    Go to a Dealer without a trade-in ,either with cash or a loan already organised or whatever you normally do when you purchase a bike; and bargain for money off ( yeah I know!-----) or some new gear or a cheaper extended warranty or whatever.

    If you're offered ,say, 3k for a trade and you get ,say, 1k off or in some sort of deal, then for 2 grand you've another Harley with a totally known history : both mechanically and personally.
    Obviously it means something to you and been a big part of your life, plus as an older second bike the mileage won't matter as it won't be ridden as much as a newer bike.
    An old comfortable pair of slippers---
    My opinion only, but you did ask.
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    Sell your bike, do not trad unless you can get a deal, We are Life Hog members and got 1K over trade
    The NEW trike is awesome, the heat on my feet is all but gone, I have to hang on tight it has a lot more power, this coming from the back seat mind you, and less vibration JMO
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    I had a '03 UC that I had customized EXACTLY the way I wanted. I would have kept that bike until it wouldn't run anymore, or I could not ride anymore. But a cager took care of that in '11 and totaled the bike. Now I am back to having to fiddle with the '12 UC to get it the way I want it, and the way the '03 UC was!!

    So my feeling is that once you have the bike as you want it, why get rid of it? With that many miles, it is worth more to you than any market value. I have a '91 Dyna that is in need of a rebuild both tranny and engine. I will keep that bike until I can't ride any more even though I am not riding that now. My feeling is that once a bike is the way you want it, you just keep it. It is part of the family by then.


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    Hey, When Don said he got rid of the 94' it broke MY heart! I felt guilty cause I couldn't rescue it, somehow. I still feel something inside about it when I type this.... Having said that, it would be a very tough decision for me. Not sure I could get rid of it,,, No brain er if they wouldn't give me anything for it, though.

    She aint perfect but, she's mine!
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    Yeah, what he said.:D:D:D