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    I am getting ready to go to a swap meet Saturday and thought about making some condensed versions of these to sell along with my used parts. What would ya'll think is a fair price to ask? I know they are worth whatever someone will pay but I need to put a price on them. I am sure someone will mention copyrights to me but it's not like I am marketing nationally. Its really no different then the sign guy at the mall printing you a bar and shield for your back window.

    The first one would probably be 18" x 18" and the 2nd one about 18" long both made out of aluminum.


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    It's kindof hard to see what you have from the pics. If I were you I would check out Ebay and see if there are any comparable things being sold currently and what they are going for. Set your prices based off of that. If they are a one of a kind type of item that isn't on ebay finding a value is always tough.
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    Keep in mind H D corporate takes a dim view of any one selling merchandise with their copyright on it with out their consent JMO
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    Not sure about a price to put on it but from the way it looks you have a bunch of cool stuff hanging around.