Opening the fairing for the first time on Ultra

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by menmia, May 2, 2010.

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    I am opening the fairing up for the first time on my 2007 Ultra, next weekend, to install an oil temp gauge replacing the air temp gauge. I have a list of other things to do while I am in there, but I thought I would also ask for advice to add to my list while I am in there. Try not to spend too much of my money in the process.

    Things while under the hood:
    - Install oil temp gauge
    - Wire in the garage door opener to the high beams (I have the 12v key chain opener)
    - Wire passing lamps to stay on all the time with hi and low beams
    - Replace headlight reflector with Hella e-code reflector
    - Replace headlamp (still choosing here between Osram and DDM HID)

    That should keeep me busy for a while. I sure hope it rains so I don't miss a day of riding for this work.

    Any other suggestions for me to consider while I am in there would definately be appreciated.
  2. ultrat

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    wow sounds like a full sch to me mabe tie in for a gps ....
  3. TQuentin1

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    Since you are opening up the front fairing, you might want to consider a new fancy front trim (#90 below). This does not HAVE to be done when you open up the fairing, but if you are so inclined, it is a good time. Also, do your work on a day when the HD Dealerships are open. You may find your left or right (or both) fairing support arm is broken on the end and needs to be replaced (see #42, #44 in second link). You might call the Dealership and make sure they have one now so if you need one or both you know where you can find it.

    WINDSHIELD, FAIRING, & HEADLAMP - FLHT/C/CU & FLHX - 2007 Harley Davidson Touring Ultra Classic Electra Glide FLHTCU

    INNER FAIRING - FLHT/C/CU & FLHX - 2007 Harley Davidson Touring Ultra Classic Electra Glide FLHTCU

    Be VERY gentle with the three screws across the top of the fairing that hold the front fairing to the inner fairing. The brass female threads are merely molded in the plastic of the inner fairing. It is VERY easy to over torque the screws and twist the brass set-ins loose (ask me how I know!!)

    Other than that, you will just have to see how it goes.


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    Recommend you "invest" in the $63 HD Service Manual...if the Self Help Tips do not provide enough detail for you to do the deed. Trust me when I say it is worth the price of admission and will save you tons of money the first time you use it.:s

  5. menmia

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    TQ, I am going to wait on the trim. I am starting with functional and then moving to pretty. The last trip to the dealership they had to replace the inner supports (extended warranty), so I should be good there.

    74Fan, first "accessory" was the service manual. Already had the opportunity to use it too when I replaced the brake pads.

    Ultrat, I am going to wait on the tie in for GPS. If I put it there I will have to go out and get that GPS and Momma would not be happy with me. That one is going to have to wait for a bit. I will have a chance to do that later down the road any way. I have more plans than money, so that one will work its way on to the to do list, maybe with a set of mini apes. :newsmile108:

    Don't stop now. If it is going to be open I would hate to come back in on Monday and read something and think, "(EDITED) , should have done that too."

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    Upgrade the speakers and/or add an amp?
  7. kemo

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    Yep Dr.Doolittle has the right idea change out the factory speakers with some Hogtunes or J&M's
  8. Iceman24

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    Also, make sure you protect the tank, driving lights & fender with a soft cloth. I laid a large bath towel over my fender (doubled-up). Don't want to ding anything w/tools & accidental dropped items.
  9. glenalt

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    The dealer told me there is a female connect that comes off the headlight you can plug into. I haven't opened mine up yet, I waiting on the manual.
  10. Breeze3at

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    You might want to put some sound deadener behind the speakers. Dynamat is the best stuff, but is pricy. I got a roll of foil/foam airconditioning duct insul. from H.Depot/Lowes. I stuck several pieces inside the outer fairing behind the speakers. It made my speakers sound a bit better.