Oops...didn't warm it up before draining the oil...

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by vegas, May 30, 2011.

  1. vegas

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    Hi all...
    Coming back for opinions from all you experts.

    I just did the 1000 mile maintenance on my bike.
    It only has 750 miles on it.

    I just realized that I missed the section in the service manual that says to run the motor before draining the oil.

    I know it's not good because it doesn't get the particles moving back into the oil...but just how bad is it??

    Should I be dumping the oil again and redoing this? Or since I did it 250 miles early I should be ok...and maybe just change it again at 4000 miles instead of 5000?

    Thanks all!

    Also...I filled it with the Amsoil synthetic...

    Thanks again.
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    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    While it is not as good a method not to run engine to redispurse settled particles, the main reason for the oil change is due to the breakdown of the oil chemical and lubricating (slippery quality) as well as the detergents and additives. The particulate matter of any consequence has already been picked up by the semi-clogged old oil filter which hopefully you replaced, so in a nutshell you are just fine.
  3. TripleJ

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    Totally agree with with NEWHD74FAN. I would ride it and not give it to much worry.
  4. vegas

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    Thanks guys!
    I appreciate it!!
  5. Jack Klarich

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    IMO not a big deal, you could add some MMO right before your next oil change, it will not hurt:s

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I have over the years Occasionally changed oil with out the Bike run enough to Heat ALL the oils up to a HOT temperature..

    Sometimes TIME won't allow the Best way and that is HOT..

    I try to get my bike out for a Long Run and even if 'm tired, I pull the drains and drain all three oils.... then call it a day...

    LOCKING the ignition and PULLING Plug wires and Leaving the oil pan where i can see it, Rags across the seat,KEYS in a special spot that I'll have a hard time finding.. upside down garbage cans around the bike...........

    You get my drift here ,,, NOT a good way to change Oil but occasionally needs to be done.. ,,,,,,Occasionally

    I do remamber one guy here saying he forgot the oil was Drained and started the bike the next day..

    NOT GOOD...

    Taking enough of the SAFETY Reminders like I do(no garbage cans Yet) I don't forget..

    It is Nice to drain the oil when it is HOT not just warm..

    Just My Way:coffee

  7. wilks3

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    I do the same thing Bubbie. Sometimes I put truck up on ramps at night when I get home, let it drain all night. Since truck is on ramps, it tells my brain to finish oil change.
    Do the same with the FatBoy, put on stand, pull drain plugs and leave it til tomorrow.
    I have 1 pan that catches all fluids.
    wilks3 :D