One for Thanksgiving

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    A lady and her blond daughter Gail, were preparing a turkey for Thanksgiving. Gail had told her mother that this year she would get the turkey and do the cooking. Gail was doing most of the work, including stuffing the turkey. Mom told Gail that there was something she needed from the store and asked if she would go get what she needed. Gail said sure. So after Gail stuffed the turkey and placed it in the oven, she left for the store. Mom being the good mom she was, removed the turkey from the oven, removed the stuffing and place a small Cornish hen inside the turkey, then replaced the stuffing. Gail gets back from the store, the turkey cooks and all sit down to eat. Mom removes the stuffing and pulls out the Cornish hen and says," Gail, you cooked a pregnant turkey!"
    Gail got so upset and it took the family 2 hours to convince Gail that a turkey lays eggs.
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    Good thing it wasn't a turducken!:newsmile100:
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    Lucky it wasn,t twins . have to try that at Christmas.